Protect the waters, natural resources, and environment of Flathead Basin by support the Comission.

Our Mission

To protect the existing high quality of the Flathead Lake aquatic environment; the waters that flow into, out of, or are tributary to the Lake and; the natural resources and environment of the Flathead Basin.

About the Flathead Basin Comission

The Flathead Basin Commission (FBC) was created in 1983 by the Montana Legislature to monitor and protect water quality and the natural resources in one of the State's most important watersheds. The FBC is a uniquely structured non-regulatory organization that works to accomplish its mandate in a consensus-building manner, stressing education, cooperation, broadly based community involvement, partnerships with agencies and nonprofit groups, and the voluntary participation of Basin residents. Consistent with the duties of the Commission as stated in the establishing statute the Commission considers its role in the Basin to:

  • Coordinate water quality protection and monitoring activities
  • Working with our partners, ensure that water quality, economic, land use and natural resource data is gathered, analyzed, interpreted and disseminated to the public and responsible agencies.
  • Facilitate policies and actions that have a positive result on water quality and natural resources.
  • Provide leadership in making the case for Basin water quality and protection of its natural resource.

The twenty-three member Commission represents a cross-section of citizens and local, state, tribal, federal and provincial agency representatives who strive to identify the Basin's water quality and natural resources problems and work collectively to implement the most effective solutions. The Agency members of the Commission are prescribed in statute; the Governor appointed members are selected for four-year staggered terms.

The Flathead Basin Commission has become a model of successful citizen and inter-agency cooperation in a geographically vast and ecologically diverse watershed characterized by its overall pristine character, international dimension, and multi-jurisdictional nature.

Enabling Legislation

  • To submit to the governor and, as provided in 5-11-210, to the legislature a biennial report that includes:
    • A summary of information gathered in fulfillment of its duties under this section; 
    • Information on monitoring activities within the Flathead basin concerning the condition of the basin's natural resources, with particular emphasis on Flathead Lake;
    • The identification of land use and land development trends in the Flathead basin;
    • Any recommendations the commission considers appropriate for fulfillment of its duties and for continued preservation of the Flathead basin in the present high quality of its aquatic resources; and
    • An accounting of all money received and expended, by source and purpose, for the period since the last report;
  • To meet at least semiannually within the Flathead basin, alternating the meeting site between the cities of Kalispell and Polson
  • To achieve the duties described in the FBC’s enabling legislation 75-7-304.
Outline of the Flathead Basin in Montana

Commission Members & Staff

Rich Janssen, Flathead Basin Commision Chair

Rich Janssen

Ed Lieser, Flathead Basin Commision Vice Chair

Ed Lieser
Vice Chair

Kathy Olsen, Montana Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation

Kathy Olsen

Mike Koopal, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Mike Koopal
Member at Large

Dean Sirucek, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Dean Sirucek
Member at Large

Chip Weber, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Chip Weber

Patrick Holmes, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Patrick Holmes

Dave Stipe, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Dave Stipe

Jeff Mow, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Jeff Mow

Jim Simpson, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Jim Simpson

Jasmine Courville, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Jasmine Courville Brown

Steve Frye, Flathead Basin Commision Governor Appointed Staff

Steve Frye

Jack Potter, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Jack Potter

Randy Brodehl, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Randy Brodehl

Mark Bostrom, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Mark Bostrom

Tim Davis, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Tim Davis

Jim Williams, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Jim Williams

Mark D. Rellar, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Mark D. Reller

Jason Gildea

Kate Wilson, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Kate Wilson
FBC Administrator

Dennis Philmon, Flathead Basin Commision Member

Dennis Philmon
Field Office Manager