Flathead Basin Commission Meeting Agenda
September 10, 2014
Tribal Council Chambers, Pablo

10:00 am		Introduction/roll call/logistics 

10:15 am		FBC Administration -- Consensus items: 
	Approve minutes from June 2014 meeting
	November meeting agenda
	2015 Meeting Schedule
	Term of Chair

10:30 am		FBC Updates  Caryn Miske
	Executive Planning Process (EPP)
	Volunteer Monitoring Program (VMP)
	Wastewater Management Group
	Biennial report
	Legislative session
	Other (rail, drought planning, outreach to business community, AIS, events)

11:00 am		AIS Update
	Coram Inspection Station/Statewide efforts
	CLP Mitigation/EWM Mitigation
	Working Dogs
	CMP/GNLCC Perimeter Defense/WRDA

12:00 pm		Lunch

12:30 pm		Strategic Plan/Capacity/Funding

1:00 pm		TMDL Status Report, Jason Gildea, EPA

1:30			Lessons Learned:  Yellowstone Oil Spill, Larry Peterman

2:00			U.S. Department of Transportation Plan		
			Action Item:  Submission of Comments
			Burlington Northern Draft Plan		

2:45			Draft Pump Out Regulations, S. Brueggeman			

3:00			CSKT Climate Change Implementation Plan, Mike Durglo

3:15			AIS Videos (2)

3:45 pm		Public Comments/New Business
4:00 pm		Adjourn meeting

The Flathead Basin Commission, Protecting water quality since 1983


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Flathead Basin Commission
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