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THE FLATHEAD BASIN COMMISSION (FBC) was created in 1983by the Montana Legislature to monitor and protect waterquality in the one of the state's most important watersheds.The FBC is a uniquely structured non-regulatory organizationthat works to accomplish its important mandate in aconsensus-building manner, stressing education, cooperation,broadly based community involvement, partnerships withagencies and nonprofit groups, and the voluntaryparticipation of basin residents.

The 23 members ofthe Commission represent a wide cross-section of citizensand local, state, tribal, federal, and provincial agencyrepresentatives who strive to identify the basin's waterquality problems and work collectively to implement the mosteffective solutions.

The FBC has become a model ofsuccessful citizen and inter-agency cooperation in ageographically vast and ecologically diverse watershedcharacterized by its overall pristine character,international dimensions, and multi-jurisdictional nature.

This report summarizes the FBC's activities andinitiatives, and provides a summary of water quality trends.This year, we also highlight the Centennial celebration ofGlacier National Park- 100 years of conservation and thestewardship of public lands (photos courtesy of the NationalPark Service).

More information on the FBC,including updates on activities, basin water quality issues,and the FBC's establishing legislation are available on ourwebsite. Those seeking more detailed information regardingany aspect of FBC and its activities are encouraged tocontact us.

Flathead Basin Commission
655Timberwolf Parkway
Kalispell, Montana 59901
Phone:(406) 752-0081
Email: cmiske@mt.gov

The Flathead Basin Commission, Protecting water quality since 1983


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Caryn Miske Executive Director
Flathead Basin Commission
655 Timberwolf Parkway
Kalispell Montana 59901
406-240-3453 e-mail: cmiske@mt.gov


Montana Photography provided by Michael Hewston
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