Aquatic Invasive species are being introduced to Montana unintentionally as they hitchhike on and in boats, recreational equipment, aquariums and backyard ponds. All of us need to take action to ensure our activities don't introduce these species to Montana.

What YOU can do to help:

Become a volunteer:

You can become a volunteer monitor, or start a monitoring program in your area. The Montana Department of Agriculture will provide an easy-to-use plant sampling kit. Contact Dave Burch, MT State Weed Coordinator, at (406) 444-3140.

The Flathead Basin Commission, Fish, Wildlife and Parks (Region 1) and the Whitefish Lake Institute cooperatively fund and manage the Northwest Montana Volunteer Monitoring Program.  The program samples 50 lakes from Whitefish to Eureka during the spring and summer months for both AIS and a variety of water quality parameters. Call Josh Gubits, Environment Scientist, at (406)862-4327 or click here for more information if you would like to assist as a volunteer monitor for a lake near you!

Volunteer Boat Inspection Program:  Become a volunteer boat inspector and help to protect the Flathead Basin from unwanted AIS.  The pilot program was started by the FBC in 2012, in partnership with the Flathead and Swan Lakers.  Contact the FBC at (406)240-3453 for further information.

Be an educator:

Use the AIS speakers trunk and/or AIS Kiosk at your next community meeting, event or function.  The trunk includes a self-guided power point presentation, mussel mount and other AIS materials.  Contact the FBC at (406)240-3453 or the Flathead Lakers at (406)883-1341 for further information.


Donations are needed for the following AIS efforts:
- volunteer monitoring program
- volunteer boat inspection program
- mandatory boat inspection program
- AIS consultant to support long range efforts to protect the Flathead including:  early detection and rapid response, treatment and containment plans, etc.

The Flathead Basin Commission, Protecting water quality since 1983


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