Even if your boat was in the water for a day - always take these steps to prevent the spread of any AIS!

  • CLEAN all aquatic plants, animals and mud from your boat, motor or trailer and discard in the trash. Rinse, scrub or pressure wash, as appropriate away from storm drains, ditches or waterways. Lawns, gravel pads, or self-serve car washes are best. Remove any mud from your waders and other gear.  If you suspect that you have been in a body of water with zebra or quagga mussels, make sure your boat is professionally decontaminated before launching anywhere! Call Jayden Duckworth, MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks AIS Technician at (406)314-3513 for more information.
  • DRAIN your motor, live well, bilge, bladders, and internal compartments on land before leaving the water body. For paddle boats, drain by inverting or tilting the craft, opening compartments and removing seats if necessary. Rinse or flush under flooring, at inflation chamber joints or other areas that can trap mud and debris.
  • DRY your boat between uses if possible. Leave compartments open and plugs pulled. Sponge out standing water. Find a place that will allow the anchor line to dry. Dry waders completely before entering a new body of water.
  • EMPTY your bait bucket on land before leaving the waterbody. Never release live bait into a waterbody, or release aquatic animals from one water body into another.
  • INSPECT your boat - the areas shown here are especially vulnerable to aquatic hitchhikers. Don't launch at a new water body until all of these areas are clean, drained, and dry.

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